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LEE BIG STOPPER 100mm/sq 10 Stop ND Filter

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LEE BIG STOPPER 100mm/sq 10 Stop ND Filter Summary


This filter is very much in demand & has been difficult to obtain ~ NOW IN STOCK ! (04/14)

The Big Stopper & Little Stopper from Lee are long exposure filters that reduce the amount of light entering your lens by ten stops or six stops respectively (their names refer to this stopping power and not their physical size).

The Big Stopper filter from Lee is a high quality glass long-exposure filter designed to dramatically reduce the amount of light entering the lens by 10 f/stops. This reduction in light allows slower shutter speeds or wider lens apertures and the opportunity to create incredible images. Not limited to landscapes, the filter can be used on cityscapes to blur people or roads and motorways to blur traffic.

By greatly extending exposure times the 10 stop Big Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost like, for example, clouds, waterfalls, rivers, and the sea.

 At six stops, the Little Stopper is ideal for those low-light conditions at the beginning and end of the day when the Big Stopper's ten stops may prove too much.

Professional photographer Jonathan Chritchley demonstrates how to get the most from LEE Filters' Big Stopper and Little Stopper filters. Practical tips and creative inspiration for anyone exploring long exposure photography.

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E-Photozine BIG STOPPER review

The Big Stopper fits in the standard Lee 100mm Filter Holder allowing it to be used on a number of different lenses as well as in conjunction with other filters such as neutral density graduated filters

Calculating the correct exposure for a long exposure filter is very simple. Take a meter reading as normal WITHOUT the filter in place, and decide on the aperture required for the shot. If using a 10 stop long exposure filter you need to add 10 stops of exposure to the shutter speed that matches your chosen aperture (double the exposure length 10 times). For example a metered exposure of a 30th of a second at f11 would need to be increased by 10 stops making a new exposure time of 32 seconds. A handy card is supplied with the LEE long exposure filter to help you calculate your exposure times.

The Big Stopper can be used in conjunction with other filters such as Neutral Density Graduated Filters. Other filters should be set up and positioned in the filter holder as normal before using the filter.

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