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Process Supplies

One of the oldest photographic supply companies in Great Britain, & still run by the Willes family, in the same Clerkenwell premises. We were established in 1928 at our present premises, 19 Mount Pleasant, London WC1.

From the start Process Supplies were a family owned-and-run business catering to the printing industry. This was based in Clerkenwell & around the Old Street area, and if you have a look at our 1927 chemicals price list on this page you will see what a different world it was then. Originally we supplied the printing trade with Film, Glass Plates, Papers, Chemicals and sundry items for Photo-litho, Photogravure, Photo-engraving, & Letterpress. We were small enough to give a very personal service, but large enough to deal with an extensive range of products and orders of any size.

The Graphic Arts trade changed over the years, and as the ink printers started moving out of Clerkenwell the new industry of photo printing moved in - Process Supplies followed this & gradually switched from 'ink' to the photographic processes.
We concentrated more & more on Professional Photography, with a special love for black & white. In the 1980's we spear-headed the re-introduction of Agfa Record Rapid paper, importing direct from Germany, so successfully that Agfa finally brought it back to the UK as a stock item.

Another paper of ours was 'Process-Lith' a special paper made for us by Sterling Enterprises in India specifically for half-tone lith printing.

Times keep changing, and while once there were hundreds, if not thousands, of choices in photo film & paper we're now down to a limited pallette of materials still in manufacture. But we still stock the most extensive range of conventional photographic materials including:

Black & white film, papers & chemistry,
Colour reversal and colour negative film, paper & chemistry,
Darkroom, Studio and lighting equipment,
Film and print storage and presentation including portfolio books, boxes and bags, archival print pockets and also a large range of negative and transparency storage & presentation materials.

All from the leading manufacturers brands including Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, Foma, Champion, Fuji-Hunt, Tetenal, Kaiser, Rotatrim, Paterson, Fotospeed, and many more....

Once again we moved with the times so now stock a large and varied range of digital media - Inkjet papers, Inks, CD & DVD disks, and Memory Cards as well as CD storage, labels as well as a range of CD storage sleeves and CD wallets.


Our Inkjet paper range includes Epson.  Fotospeed, Fuji, Hahnemuhle, Ilford, Konica, Kentmere, Lyson, Olmec, Permajet, Somerset & Page, and we are adding items to this list on a regular basis.

 With sundry other items available we feel we offer a comprehensive range of product for the Professional Photographer, Artists, Colleges, Architects, Government Departments as well as the Amateur Photographer.

 If an item is not shown on our product list we will be happy to try and obtain it for our customers, supply permitting.


Our opening hours are;
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm