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FADU is the natural home for anyone with an interest in the use of film and the darkroom, whether you are an amateur or professional.   On FADU you can show your work, exchange tips and techniques, and correspond with many like minded individuals.

You'll find there's no shortage of things to get involved with, from the monthly print exchanges, using the albums and gallery, attending photographic outings and workshops, and much more.   You will get to know lots of friendly photographers along the way.

There's lots more planned, so join today (it's completely free!), and be a part of one of the most enthusiastic photography communities on the internet.

FADU has been specifically created to cater for the film and darkroom user so why not drop in and say ‘hello’ - you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

In our world, Photography is the authentic analogous method of capturing reality. In our reality, our technology faithfully records and preserves the codes of the street. In our machines we have the seamless ability to trap light with silver gelatin.  Although we were born into the 90′s, the pre-digital age has chosen to give up it’s secrets in order it survives. We have chosen to keep the faith and continue the tradition of photography. More precisely excel past anything analogue has achieved because digital determinism is not the end of the film camera but the beginning of a new perspective. With this new vision we’ve built a new darkroom. We’re processing new film, making new images, developing modern imagery traditionally.



Zoom In Photography School
Oval, London


Zoom In is a popular, not-for-profit school for photography, enabling both individuals and community groups from the Greater London area to explore and engage with all aspects and all levels of photography.

SRB Photo

SRB Photographic is a UK based specialist photographic company that manufactures and sells a huge range of camera and photographic equipment.  With over 40 years experience in the retail of photographic equipment and precise engineering, they can offer bespoke specialist manufacturing, not only to retail public but also to trade.