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XTOL Dev 50 litres

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XTOL Dev 50 litres Summary

KODAK PROFESSIONAL XTOL Developer is a two-part powder developer for processing Kodak and other manufacturers normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. It offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing, and can be used as both a developer and a replenisher in a variety of equipment, from small tanks (8 to 64 fluid ounces), trays, or rotary tubes to high-volume processors. 

XTOL came late to the scene, on US Patent 575627, filed in 1997. It's launch (& Kodak don't launch new chemicals as an everyday occurence) was possibly as a hedge against Hydroquinone being further blacklisted.
It has a relatively benign formulation based on Vitamin C; 

From the patent abstract;
"...includes ascorbic acid developing agent, an auxiliary super-additive developing agent, borate buffer and a preservative. The composition pH is from 7 but less than 9. The composition can be formulated from two separately packaged parts that may be in dry or liquid form. The borate buffer is present to maintain the desired pH, and the two developing agents are present in desired molar ratios for optimal developing activity. Improved photographic properties are obtained while avoiding the use of environmentally unfriendly dihydroxybenzenes."

  • Suitable for most professional black-and-white films
  • Ascorbic acid developer
  • Very high image quality at full emulsion speed
  • Convenient, room-temperature mixing
  • Fine grain and high sharpness
  • Provides more emulsion speed (shadow detail) than most developers for normal and push processing
  • Can also be used to replenish working-strength developer
  • Powder sachets, 2 part

Tech Data Sheet Kodak Xtol
H&S Kodak Xtol
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