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Tetenal Neofin Blue 5 phials 3-500ml

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Tetenal Neofin Blue 5 phials 3-500ml Summary

Tetenal Neofin Blue is a high-acutance, one shot, surface acting developer with excellent compensating effect. Neofin Blue delivers the full film speed, & is intended for slow to medium ISO speed films, the previous derivative for high speed films, Neofin Red, was discontinued some time ago. As there is a high compensating effect it is useful where there is a wide subject brightness range, eg. bright sunlight where the shadow detail needs to be preserved.

This is a developer of the 'Beutler' type, where highly active but dilute action in developing the highlights releases bromide that slows development, while the shadows continue to be revealed. The result is delicate, relatively low overall contrast with a high performance in tonal rendition.
Neofin Blue is supplied as 5 small glass vials, each capable of making 300 - 700ml of working solution, depending on chosen dilution. Developing table and details about the developer are supplied in the comprehensive instruction sheet.

Tech Data Sheet Tetenal Film Developers
MSDS Tetenal Neofin Blue Developer
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