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SLT20 Selenium Toner 1 Ltr Makes up to 20L

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SLT20 Selenium Toner 1 Ltr Makes up to 20L Summary

A single part concentrate which is specifically designed for toning of FB + RC B&W papers to produce a wide range of subtle warm purple black tones. Tonal shade is adjusted by dilution and toning time. RC papers may be slow to react with selenium. Chlorobromide emulsions (such as Fotospeed RCVC papers) are the exception and will produce very effective results. Archival Permanence Techniques for all papers are achieved with higher dilutions. Full instructions supplied.

Selenium Toner - General Notes
Probably the most useful of all types of toner, and has a variety of effects, depending on paper type and dilution. The image will be intensified, extending the tonal range, while also being protected against atmospheric oxidation. Changes in image colour depend on the type of paper being used, chloro-bromide papers being affected the most, bromide papers the least. With chloro-bromide papers the shift is towards a heavy purple-brown. Other papers with a lower chloride content, such as Bromofort, will tend to give a more pure purple colour as well as exhibiting an intensifying effect. 'Split-toning' is possible with chloro-bromide papers - the deepest shadows alter in colour while higher tones are unchanged. Currently Fomatone is the best for this technique. Resin-coated papers will show little visible change, but the treatment is still recommended for maximum permanence. Selenium toner is a single bath which does not use bleaching. There is some risk of staining if prints are not thoroughly washed, Hypo-Clearing Agent is therefore recommended. Dilution is between 1+3 and 1+20 depending upon paper type and effect required. Selenium toner is toxic, so good ventilation and gloves are mandatory.
Selenium toner can also be used as a mild film intensifier, producing a gain of about one half a contrast grade.
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