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4 product(s) found for "RETOUCHING DYES & SUNDRYS"
Chromium Intensifier 150-ml
Chromium Intensifier 150-ml
Will intensify thin B&W negatives. The negative is bleached back in diluted CI10 then redeveloped in PRINT developer. The image will return stronger. The process can be repeated a few times to maximise intensification. No need to refix - just wash thoroughly.Working solution can be kept for further ...
Farmers Reducer 4 x 250-ml
Farmers Reducer 4 x 250-ml
- A silver reducer supplied as powder. - Traditionally used for B&W negatives. - Can also be used for reducing the density of B&W prints or any material where silver is the base. - Hypo crystals are supplied in the kit for the re
Fotomask 125-ml
Fotomask 125-ml
Designed to pretect areas of the print from chemicals, water, acids and other solutions. Simple to apply with a paint brush, this bright red solution can be applied to fine detailed areas. Pigments will not stain or discolour the print. Dries to plastic film which is easy to remove. Fotomask Brush Cleaner...
Fotospeed dye Kit   12 x 15-ml
Fotospeed dye Kit 12 x 15-ml
For creative & archival toning techniques inc. hand tinting & retouching dyes, Fotospeed fotodyes are supplied in a kit of 11 colours and one reducer. Also the dyes will not leave any surface mark on the print, even on glossy paper. Fotospeed DY15 Fotodyes are designed to be used on any photographic...