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Moersch Carbon Toner 100ml

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Moersch Carbon Toner 100ml Summary

MT2 is a direct toner for warmtone papers with a high content of chloride silver. Neutral- and coldtone emulsions can be toned indirectly.

The image tone is adjustable by altering either dilution or time of toning. Toning for short durations in dilutions of 1+30 and stronger, the process starts with an increase in maximum black. The image tone turns colder. As toning progresses, the initial image tone first changes to a colder brown and then slowly shifts towards warm brown and red brown hues. If you want a continuous brown black image tone, you have to choose a dilution between 1+100 and 1+200. 

In a completely filled storage container, the working solution has a shelf life of: 
a couple of weeks for a dilution of 1+10; a couple of days for a dilution of 1+200.

Update: October 2006
As of October this toner will come in a three fold concentration compared to the previous version. The price remains unchanged. Used in the same ratio as the older version, the toner reacts faster and has a higher capacity.

If you prepare the working solution with distilled water instead of tap water you increase its shelf life significantly. 

Available in a 100ml, 250ml and 500ml bottle
Capacity: With one litre of working solution in a dilution of 1+10 you can tone at least 8sqm or 100 sheets of 24x30cm paper.
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