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12 x 16" Washmaster 5-slot ECO PRINT WASHER

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12 x 16" Washmaster 5-slot ECO PRINT WASHER Summary

This fine art print washer provides all the requirements for efficient and effective fibre paper washing

5 independent running Wash Slots have the benefits of...

  • Rapid Fixer Removal - The first 5 minutes of washing are always the Golden Minutes - more fixer is removed per second at this point than at any other time
  • Stop and Soak Total Water Dumping facility - by raising a single blade emptying 90% of volume within 1 minute, ensures fast removal of fixer rich water, can soak for a few minutes then empty
  • Independent Slots - Heavy weight 3.2mm textured inner divider panels are set into the base to ensure each slot maintains a high degree of isolation and prevention of print adhesion
  • Unique Inlet Manifold Design -There is also a new pressurised inlet design further enhancing the Jet-Flow vortex agitation system synonymous with all Nova washers
  • Environmentally friendly - Washmaster-Eco has the ability to store and wash up to 6 prints to archival standards using less water than any other washer in the World
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