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Polaroid 110 4X5 Camera with 127mm Rodenstock F4.7 Ysarex lens

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Polaroid 110 4X5 Camera with 127mm Rodenstock F4.7 Ysarex lens Summary

Professionally converted & Modified to take 4X5 Film


*Range finder focusing
*Ground glass focusing
*Accepts 5x4 darkslides, Fuji PA45 instant film holder & Majority of 120 roll film holders used with 5x4 
*Folds without having to remove the lens
*Camera folded, showing focus wheel on the door panel.
*Ground glass 5x4” back with standard 5x4 darkslide inserted.
Hinged lens cap / cover in open position.

These cameras will appeal to those of you who want to be able to shoot 5x4 with a camera
that is hand held and can be focused while the film holder is inside the camera - in essence
its a 5x4 point and shoot. If on the other hand you need auto focus, custom modes, USB ports and through the lens metering, quit this page now as you will hate these cameras.
They are built on the classic 900 and 110 Polaroid camera chassis and rely totally on the user for focus and exposure control and have rangefinder focusing as well as a ground glass at the rear.
These cameras are in the UK and what you see is the actual camera for sale. There is not a
production line here...these are converted by hand are of limited supply.
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